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individual assessments 

With the consistent introduction of various exercise & nutrition programs evolving around you, things can seem overwhelming or even complex at times. Want to see your results, start a new program, or see if the one your on is working for you? This is the right opportunity to navigate those answers. You will be given your results immediately after you test and we will help you understand the foundation of your test. 


corporate services

Do you know if your employer part of the Health & Wellness Program? You want the very best for your employees, and we are moving at a rapid rate towards a generation that is recognizing how important a healthy lifestyle is in regards to your employees performance. We will collaborate with you to create a challenge within your offices that are engaging as well as fun and interactive.  

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Weight loss & nutrition package

The weight loss and nutrition package is designed for those who are looking to lose weight and want accountability tracking for success. This package combines an initial assessment and a personalized nutrition & supplement plan based on your lean body mass, body type, goals, lifestyle and profession. You will test in the bod pod the day of your assessment and again in 3 months for a follow-up. 



gyms, bootcamps, cross-fit, personal training companies, weight loss centers

Are your athletes or clients needing an extra push for motivation? We got the right ingredients for that sauce. Get your group together and we can discuss the details about an upcoming challenge for you We will give the submitting organization 10% of the proceeds back in return for the support or they can choose to deem the proceeds to the winner. The goal is to see who can lose the most body fat & increase muscle.  The more participants the more fun! 

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Ask about athlete sponsorship opportunities 

We believe in sharing our resources, knowledge and expertise to improve our community by promoting lifelong healthy habits through our youth, so we welcome opportunities to give back for sports-related fundraisers.




Competition preparation 

Athletes who are getting ready to take the stage are pressured to lose body fat and are required to have a certain criteria dependent upon the class they are competing in. Although their current weight for health and performance is appropriate, with extreme energy restrictions, losses of both muscle and fat mass may adversely affect the athlete's ability and performance to win, so it's important that they are tracking their body composition with the bod pod in order for them to properly identify and assess with their coach.




What to do you need to know before your body comp test?

During testing, you will sit comfortably inside the BOD POD

  • No food, drink or exercise at least 2 hours prior to testing
  • Use the restroom before testing, if necessary
  • Don’t apply any lotions or skin creams prior to your test
  • You will be asked to remove glasses and jewelry 
  • Wear minimal, form-fitting clothing
  • Men: Thin fabric shorts, lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or single-layer compression bike-style shorts (no padding)
  • Women: Lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or bike-style shorts and sports bra (no wire or padding)
  • A swim cap will be provided to compress any air pockets within the hair

You will get detailed test results complete with graphs providing information vital to you for monitoring and tracking