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April Wigand 


After working in the health & fitness industry for a couple of years, I have learned a lot from my mentor and the hundreds of people that have come through these doors. One thing that I know for sure is that body fat percentage is a better indicator of your overall health as oppose to the number on the scale. Due to the lack of education and boot camps that prey upon the people in our community by selling them a number loss on a scale, it frustrated me that people would succumb to this type of marketing. I wanted to implement something for the people that could give them such powerful information and knowledge for themselves that they can only use it as a tool of accountability, that’s how Pumpz Pod came to evolution. We wanted to provide you with accurate results so you can decipher for yourself if your training program is working, your nutrition and other important variables. This is also a great tool for athletes of all types.

Joel Washington

Sports Conditioning
Strength & Resistance Training
Orthopedic Exercise

With a background in gymnastics, Joel has a passion for applying his experience to helping you develop lean muscle and healthy joints.