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We, at Pumpz Pod believe that accurate assessments are truly necessary in order to know where to begin and end in order to enforce change and accomplish goals. If you are working with a trainer, coach, or nutritionist this will help them correctly identify the areas at risk, as well as properly intervene and monitor your results. We have worked in the fitness industry for a combined 17 years and are on the pulse of modern technology meets science and believe that utilizing this tool will leverage your results as well as professionalism for years to come. We are dedicated to enhancing health, physical fitness and athletic performance through education and believe this will add value to your business whether or not your dietician, fitness or healthcare professional, or a gym. 




Who Does The Pumpz Pod Benefit?

Fitness coaches 

The world of fitness is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about gym trends. With the consistent introduction of fitness coaches in an already over-saturated market; what's going to make you stand out from other competition? It will be your business practice & ethics as well as ensuring that your clients are receiving the best there is on the market. This is an amazing avenue for you to stream line accurate body fat and measurements for your clients without the complexity of a scale number. 

MMA, UFC Fighters

Cutting weight in the realm of being a fighter is a reality. It requires finesse, strategic practice and the expertise from the professionals, otherwise it could be deadly. Any time you're losing muscle mass, your going to lose bodyweight. In order to safely and accurately cut, you can monitor and track the process with the bod pod. 



We all have to start somewhere; accepting ownership for your health is key in making small to major changes. You must start with a strong foundation and having this information at your finger tips is so valuable that it will help guide you about your own personal health and give you direction about any programs that may or may not be working for you according to your personal goals for success. 

Marathon Runners

Think about the hypothetical performance benefits you will have running marathons at a lower weight. Your scale won't tell you that. Many published articles refer to an approximate 1% of body mass loss will increase your speed by 1%. {For Example: if you currently run a 10K at a pace of eight minutes (8:00) per mile, losing 5% of your excess body fat will improve your time to 7:36 per mile (8:00 x 0.05 = 24 seconds faster; 8:00 – 0:24 = 7:36).


Body composition and body weight are two of the many factors that contribute to optimal exercise performance. Taken together, these two factors may affect an athlete's potential for success for a given sport. Body weight can influence an athlete's speed, endurance, and power, whereas body composition can affect an athlete's strength, agility, and appearance. A lean body, i.e., one with greater muscle/fat ratio, is often advantageous in sports where speed is involved. Athletic performance cannot be accurately predicted based solely on body weight and composition given that many factors affect body composition.

The feedback you will receive from your BOD POD® test can be used to measure the success as well as fine tune your athletic performance and more.


The way people consume food is constantly in flux, so the laws of proper nutrition must adapt. Using the Bod Pod will help your clients to anticipate these changes and help you ascertain your clients LBM so you can focus more on creating the best nutrition guidance of a lifetime. You can't take that risk of being within a range to set up a proper nutrition plan or your compromising your clients success



We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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